One of the baby elephants sent to China already dead

  • By ELI
  • January 9, 2013

One of the first four baby elephants sent to China already dead.
CITES has been strongly criticized for allowing the sale of four, wild caught, baby elephants from Zimbabwe to zoos in China, after one of them died from the trauma.

CITES went against its own regulations, which prohibit licensing the sale of endangered species for commercial purposes, by issuing permits for the wild caught baby elephants to be flown to two zoos in mainland China in November, 2012.
The wildlife regulator is now being accused of turning a blind eye in Zimbabwe.
The three that survived the trip to China are currently being kept alone in unfamiliar surroundings.
14 others are awaiting transport from Zimbabwe.

A petition being circulated by AVAAZ, the global protest group, can be found here:

Elephant Action League (EAL) - Elephants in Zimbabwe

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