South Africa is considering the sale of over 16 tons of ivory

  • By ELI
  • July 16, 2013

After the rhinos, the elephants…We told you so last week!

South Africa is considering the sale of over 16 tons of ivory.
Less than three years to the next CITES meeting and the ivory race has already begun.

If in three years the CITES parties will decide for another one-off sale of ivory, they will fuel demand for the next generations and it will be the end of elephants.
The last time South Africa sold its ivory, in 2008 to China, was the beginning of a new holocaust for elephants. They are responsible for that and yet they want to do it again.

We are already preparing to fight back South Africa, China and all other pro-trade parties. We guarantee they will not have an easy life.

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In the picture, part of the ivory stock that was sold in 2008 (IFAW via AP)

Elephant Action League - Ivory stock sale in 2008 (IFAW/AP)

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