Elephants begun journey from the Toronto Zoo to a Sanctuary

  • By ELI
  • October 18, 2013

Three female elephants begin long journey from Toronto Zoo to a California sanctuary.
After a life in prison, for our amusement, they were finally pardoned.

Two of them, Toka and Iringa, were captured as baby elephants in Mozambique in the early ’70s, in a very traumatic way. Thika was born in captivity in 1980.

At the PAWS sanctuary in California they’ll have the chance to live their last years, out in a warmer climate and a larger, natural space, with no visitors around.

The Elephant Action League strongly supports this highly symbolic transfer, thanks PAWS for making it possible and wishes Toka, Iringa and Thika a happy life, at last.

EAL - Toronto zoo elephants moved to a sanctuary in California

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