On U.S. Visit, Prince William Takes Aim at Wildlife Trafficking

As the United States rolls out the red carpet for Prince William’s royal visit on Monday, the Duke of Cambridge is casting a light on the black market in wildlife trade. In Washington, D.C., the prince announced the formation of a royal task force to work with the transportation industry—from airlines to shipping companies—to examine […]

US charges SA safari owners over illegal rhino hunts

WASHINGTON – Two South African men were charged on Thursday by the US government with conspiracy to sell illegal rhinoceros hunts to American hunters, money laundering and secretly trafficking in rhino horns. The charges were part of an 18-count indictment unveiled against Out of Africa Adventurous Safaris, as part of a multi-year investigation by the […]

Tanzania in big coalition against poaching

Tanzania has agreed to form a task force together with the United States, China, Germany, European Union, World Bank and the United Nations Development Programs (UNDP) to control and curb illegal poaching, trafficking and export of ivory in the region. http://www.busiweek.com/index1.php?Ctp=2&pI=1822&pLv=3&srI=57&spI=23&cI=19 Let’s hope in new innovative and courageous approaches… And let’s not forget corruption & […]

Ivory samples from Uganda to be DNA tested in the U.S.

Where is this huge consignment of ivory that has been confiscated in Uganda coming from? Is it coming from neighbouring DR Congo or South Sudan or Central Africa Republic that have been torn by military conflicts in the recent decades? The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is leaving nothing to speculation by taking samples of the […]

U.S. Ivory Crush Should Be Just a First Step, by Bryan Christy on NG

U.S. Ivory Crush Should Be Just a First Step by Bryan Christy “This Thursday, the United States government will destroy nearly six tons of ivory, which represents a good portion of the ivory the U.S. has seized since the late 1980s, when anational ban on commercial African ivory imports went into effect. It will be […]

U.S. anti-poaching efforts need to go further

U.S. anti-poaching efforts need to go further, conservation groups including the Elephant Action League, say. On the today Washington Post ” A U.S. push to save the African elephant and rhinoceros from being wiped out by a wave of poaching comes down to this: an executive order by President Obama, an advisory panel, a task […]

Ivory crushing in the US now planned for November 14th

The first destruction of ivory in the U.S. is now planned for November 14th. Six tons will be crushed at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, near Denver. The crushing was previously suspended after the shutdown began on Oct. 1 The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will destroy government-held stockpile of ivory that it […]

Elephants begun journey from the Toronto Zoo to a Sanctuary

Three female elephants begin long journey from Toronto Zoo to a California sanctuary. After a life in prison, for our amusement, they were finally pardoned. Two of them, Toka and Iringa, were captured as baby elephants in Mozambique in the early ’70s, in a very traumatic way. Thika was born in captivity in 1980. At the […]

Clinton Global Initiative to help save the elephant

A major project was announced today by the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) to help curb elephant poaching in Africa. We naturally support this big initiative but we urge the partners and participants to really work together (not just on paper) and to be creative and courageous in their approach. To win this war we need […]

US to destroy ivory stocks

The Obama administration said on Monday it would destroy all 6m tons of its stocks of seized ivory in effort to stop illegal elephant poaching The ivory destruction, announced at a White House event was part of a broader effort by the administration to elevate wildlife trafficking to urgent national security concern. Destroying the ivory would […]

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